Top 5 Holiday Shopping Tips to Save You Money

November 27, 2017

save money for the holidays

It is a known fact that your bank account and your credit have the potential to get hit hard during the holiday season. According to the national survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, the average consumer spent over $935.00 during the 2016 holiday season. This total included food, postage, greeting cards, decorations, and gifts. […]

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Simple Strategies for Rebounding from a Bad Credit History

October 16, 2017

Credit report

If you are grappling with a troublesome history of loan repayment issues, debt payment challenges, and/or other credit complications, improving your credit rating may appear to be  nearly impossible. Having a bad credit history could result in being denied credit, paying higher expenses to obtain credit, and may detrimentally impact your reputation and other components […]

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Banking Tips for Small Business

October 9, 2017

small business banking

Small businesses are considered to be a highly crucial component to the economy. Additionally, they are exceptionally important to the entrepreneurs that invest their time and money into starting, operating, and growing them.   If you own a business, it is imperative to understand how to handle the monetary aspects of your business. You will […]

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6 Tips to Help You Teach Your Child How to Manage Money

October 2, 2017

teaching your child about money

Teaching your child about handling money is an important part of being a parent. If your child is in college, it is not too late to start but it is wisest to start your child’s financial learning as soon as they have an idea of what money is. This might be as young as three […]

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Tips for Understanding Deposit Insurance

September 25, 2017

insured bank deposits

As with any other type of insurance, it’s important to understand the purpose and protection of deposit insurance. Even children are admonished to only put their money in accounts protected by FDIC, but what exactly does that mean? As complicated as it might sound, it is quite simple to understand when it is broken down […]

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Savings Accounts for Teens: Grow a Sound Future One Deposit at a Time

September 18, 2017

savings accounts for teens

Three words instigate the ability for teenagers to create their own successful future. Perhaps your imagination is producing words like responsibility, education and employment. Those are certainly good objectives, but the words that increase additional funds at little or no cost are deposits, interest and compounding. Deposits Depending on your age, you may have an […]

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Doing a Financial Checkup is Important

September 12, 2017

Financial Checkup

  So often, we go through the year without really knowing how we are doing financially. This happens even if we manage to keep all the bills paid. When an emergency arises, we find out we are far from prepared. This is a major reason to do a financial checkup regularly. Getting Prepared. The first […]

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How to Negotiate the Best Deal on a Mortgage Loan

July 31, 2017

Negotiate Best Mortgage Loan

According to financial experts, a home is the single largest purchase typically made in life. As a result of this fact, it is imperative to learn how to negotiate the best deal on a mortgage loan. When shopping for this type of loan, you may find yourself immensely overwhelmed. You must consider the interest rate […]

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Saving Money & Investing in Your Future

June 14, 2017

saving money

The idea of saving money and investing in your future is an admirable thought. An individualized plan puts you in charge of reasons to save and how to do it. Several steps and rules will make it easier to accomplish. Like most plans, you’ll want to succeed and move beyond the original goals. The following […]

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